Outline of a Typical Wedding

One of the biggest parts your DJ can play at your wedding is that of “Coordinator”. In this role, we will effortlessly assure that all aspects of your wedding run smoothly, from the bridal march, to the final dance of the evening and everything in between. Your DJ will coordinate with your officiate, your caterers, your photographer, videographers, and most importantly, YOU. There is no reason why your reception must run in this sequence; we have provided this outline of a typical schedule as a guide. Feel free to embrace the following in its entirety, or rearrange to suit your taste.

When providing sound for your ceremony, (if at a separate location or not in the same room) we use a completely separate sound system and allow you the use of 3 wireless microphones. 2 lapel mics that clip on the collar, (1 for your officiate and 1 for the groom); as well as a wireless hand held for any readings. Pre ceremony music begins 20 to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of your wedding and music selections are discussed during consults with your DJ regarding ceremony and reception. After the recessional is played, your DJ will begin to play music for guests at the reception and at this point you and the bridal party and family will be preparing for pictures, while your guests are entertained.

Background music for the reception is typically jazz, with volume being kept to a minimum, but still enjoyable, as guests await your arrival, enjoying cocktails and conversation. Time spent with your photographer is often upwards of 45 minutes and once pictures are completed, introductions begin.

As you prepare to be announced, (you will have selected a song for your grand entrance) your DJ asks all guests to be seated and come to attention. Introductions will start with parents if they are included, if not, we begin with the littlest members of your bridal party, followed by your attendants, best man and maid or matron honor and finally the bride and groom! Once inside, may we suggest you grab a drink and relax (believe us, you’ll be ready), as we are a few moments away from lunch or dinner service.

If service is sit-down, your DJ asks everyone to take his or her seat and service begins. If it’s buffet style, the bride and groom are invited through first, followed by the bridal party, family and guests. Since you are the first served, generally, you’re first to be done, and at this point you can go table to table and mingle with your guests, as they are still eating, or your photographer will take you to capture a few private moments together outside. Upon your return, you can continue mingling and announcements are made that we are a few moments away from the toast.

We will give you at least 10 minutes notice of the toast and coordinate with the staff to arrange the pour. In the event that staff is unavailable, the groomsmen are suitable replacements, and in this instance we will help with the pour or distribution of toasting beverage. A wireless microphone is provided, and the toast is done at either the head or cake tables, depending on the photographer’s preference and number of people toasting. Once completed, we prepare for the cake cutting.

We will coordinate with the staff to arrange service and assistance for your cake cutting and invite your guests to move in for a closer view as you make the first cut together. As cake is served, we announce your first dance.

As you take the floor, your DJ asks everyone to take his or her seat and the dance begins. Once completed, the formal dances continue with father/daughter, mother/son, parents dance and in closing, your bridal party dance. Halfway through the bridal party dance, friends and family are invited to join you, and the party begins. General dancing continues for about 20 minutes or more and we break for the garter/bouquet and/or money dances. Depending on your preference, your DJ will interact with the crowd, teaching the electric slide, hokey pokey etc. Requests are accepted and played upon DJ discretion and approval from bride and groom if needed.

As we mentioned above, all receptions differ, as do the groups we entertain. Please use this outline as a guide for planning your special day and personalize it to best suit your needs. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas and questions, as we’re here to make your wedding dreams all you expected them to be!


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